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MD Organics U.S. Organic Hemp Extract Oil

Zero THC - Organic Hemp - Gluten Free

Pet Friendly - Non GMO - Free Shipping

Independent Lab Results - U.S. Grown


Best-selling Hemp Oil Tinctures, Salves, Softgels, Gummies, Sports Lotion, Beauty, and Pet Products.

U.S. Grown Organic Hemp, THC Free and Third-Party Lab Tested.

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At MD Organics are passion is to find alternative remedies to Big Pharma synthetic drugs that wreak havoc on one's liver and kidneys. More importantly, we believe there is a solution to every health issue found in nature. 

Today, 50% of Americans take at least one prescription medication. Nearly 20% take three or more. The problem is, and what doctors usually fail to mention is that these drugs deplete your body of other essential vitamins and minerals. Essentially, you are robbing Peter to pay Paul. 

If your situation is not improving and your tired of the same old protocol then try something different for your overall health and wellness.

MD Organics is a Green Company and Strong Animal Rights Advocate. We don’t use fancy packaging or bells and whistles to sell our products. We believe the Quality speaks for itself. MD Organics tries to cut waste and recycle as much as possible. Much of the proceeds of MD Organics go to helping God’s weaker and more vulnerable creatures in need.



Why Hemp?

After struggling for years with a throbbing back, I discovered Hemp extract Oil. Initially, I bought it for my lower back, and didn’t expect much, like most products these days. I figured I would add it to my daily regimen and take it with no expectations. About two weeks later, I noticed that my lower back felt great! 

The issue had dissipated dramatically. A week later I realized my mental state and mood were improved as well. A pleasant side effect I wasn’t even hoping for. 

It truly has changed my life and that is why I want to bring it to the world.


Individual results will vary. Note, there is not one magic pill or oil in the world, but Hemp Oil is a great start to help your body regain what diet and time have taken away. In Addition, we suggest cutting down or eliminating meat and dairy from your diet. This will help bring your body back to an alkaline state for continued well-being. Also, we strongly advise one to try and eat organic as much as possible. And start some sort of exercise routine. This will greatly increase your chances of success and you will become THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!


The FDA has not evaluated statements of Hemp Oil and its uses, nor do we claim this product will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with your Healthcare Provider before taking Hemp Oil for any particular ailment.

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